So You Think Your Robot Can Dance – World Record Attempt

See images from the event.

Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre is inviting people of all ages to bring their robots to a huge party at Macquarie University on the 25th October.  Together we will be attempting to create a world record for the most robots programmed to move and dance to a piece of music.

Participants and their robots will crowd into the newly renovated MQ Atrium which will be broadcast  LIVE online.  If you or anyone you know can program a robot to move to music then please join us. Robots of any design, origin or colour are welcome to step up to the challenge.  Program your robots using the music provided below, and then join us at 1pm on the 25th of October for the attempt. If you would to participate in a Robot Dance Boot Camp  to learn to shake and shimmy then book in to one of our morning workshops.  Don’t forget you can participate online  if you can’t make it to the event.

The song for the world record attempt is ” Walk Like You’re Band New” by John Wood.
Right-Click here to download it now and get started on programming your robots!


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