So You Think Your Robot Can Dance – Online Video Competition

Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre is conducting a robot dance video competition to see which robot is the best dancer in Australia. Enter the competition to win prizes and battle it out to be the top of the charts.

Robots are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives, talking to us, singing and of course, doing the housework. It’s only natural that they would eventually want to be on reality TV. Well that time has come and M.A.X the robotic rat from the future has told us he wants a dance off. He has said that he is a better dancer than any robot this side of YouTube.

Robots of any design, origin or colour are welcome to step up to the challenge.

Your finished videos will need to be uploaded to our online video channel and these videos will be streamed live on the 25th October in the Atrium at Macquarie University.

The song for the challenge is  ” Walk Like You’re Brand New” by John Wood.
Right-Click here to download it now and get started on your video!

See how our NXT took up the challenge…

* Terms and Conditions


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