WRITE ON Backstory Writing Competition

Enter the competition to write the backstory and design the video game that will change the future of our beautiful planet and win prizes. The 3dedrats have sent clones back in time to save the world. In their timeline the world is dying. We have destroyed it. Be the one to design a game that changes the way people think about the environment forever. The world needs a hero like you.

Choose a current environmental issue and continue the story of the 3dedrats in their mission to avert the possible destruction of the future. Think about how the story could be translated into a game. Have clear description of the setting and the issue you have chosen. What is the challenge and how will the hero (player) in your story overcome this challenge?

How to enter: post your story in the comments below and make sure you tick the box for email notifications to read other stories and to be alerted when to vote & whether you’ve won.

The competition closes on 12th September 2011.  On this date you’ll be able to vote for your favourite.

  1. I think in my room to try to stop the catastrophe. Ah!. Got it I will build a teleporter to send everyone away onto an Island in Germany. Firstly,I’ll get a light bulb and a battery.
    There I’m done? Now I Just have to tell them to go in.

  2. I feel guilty about the catastrophe I have not yet caused. According Rufus I have 70 hours and my plan is evacuate all human life to the moon along with 2 of each animal. It’s like Noah’s ark all over again however the world isn’t going to flood…it’s worse than that.

  3. I plunge back into the earth,for the last time,this is the plan.
    Firstly, I will land in Doctor Dooms lab.
    Secondly,I will deactivate his doom bomb.
    Thirdly I eat cake.

    Now,the plan is going just as I thought, Correctly, or so I think.

  4. I came back in time to stop those pesky humans from building too many nuclear reactors.
    I sabotaged one reactor to show them that they could end the world.
    After that, they realised that if one rat is all it takes, then this could start happening everywhere.

  5. As I come out of hyperspace I see all the nuclear waste slowly spreading across the world. I get my transmitter to speak on TVs across the globe. I press start and turn the dial and start talking about my design for a spacecraft that will take 20 people to the moon and get this rock called gravitite that will power the world without waste.

  6. Could each Earth city check that their large screen is working? You must hear this message from the future. My planet is destroyed. Why? CHEMICALS! We polluted our oceans and atmosphere. We sprayed our crops. What happened? Our pollinating insects died out so our crops failed. Food chain failure began. All living creatures died. Please, don’t do chemicals!

  7. Approaching Planet Earth. Problems here are intensifying as on Rodentis. Increasing levels of greenhouse gases and diminishing forests are being indicated by my rat radar. Global warming is spiralling. I must help!
    “Earthlings, act now! Replace fossil fuels with wind, solar and tidal power. Also, reforestation is essential….Do you agree?…………………..You do? Mission accomplished!

  8. Ten seconds left, I know what I must do, but can I do it in time? I scurry ferociously through the dying city, watching people and buildings collapse dramatically onto the damp earth. I pull the heavy lever connected to a series of what seemed like hundreds of wires. There is a whirr of white light, cleansing the air…

  9. I go up into my treehouse to think of ways to stop the nuclear power plant from blowing up, when suddenly it hits me. I should create a machine that could take all of man-kind and the animals to a far away planet where we could carry on living exactly the same, only better. We would work on better ways to generate power. All right, I am going to need a hammer, some bolt cutters and a 65 inch piece of steel.

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