GAME The Politics of Play

A public debate on video game culture, classification and controversy.

Videogames have been a political issue since they first went on sale in the 1970s and continue to elicit intense debate today. Recently, the violent and sexual content of games has been a topic of legal debate both in the United States and Australia. Both countries have effectively confirmed the status of videogames as art forms deserving of the same recognition and regulation that other forms of media enjoy or endure. This public roundtable will draw out the contentious and complex issues surrounding the content, classification and effect of gaming on our society.

Speakers at this roundtable include: Paul Hunt (MLCS Management & Former Deputy Director OFLC), Associate Professor Jeffery Brand (Bond University), and Dr. John Martino (Victoria University) with more speakers to be confirmed. The debate is free and open to all members of the public.

Free event – click here to register now!


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