GAME ON Game Design Competition

The 3dedrats have sent clones back in time to save the world. In their timeline the world is dying. We have destroyed it. Be the one to design a game that changes the way people think about the environment forever. The world needs a hero like you.

Enter the competition to design the game that will change the future of our beautiful planet. Choose a current environmental problem and design a game that addresses this issue. You can use any software you like to design this game but we recommend beginners use Kodu Game Lab a Microsoft product. We do ask that games designed using software other than Kodu be submitted in a stand-alone playable version. All Kodu games need to be email to us by the close of the competition. Stand-alone copies of games created using other software will need to be mailed to us on CD/DVD allowing for postal time so that it arrives prior to the close of competition date.

 How to enter the competition:

  1. Create your game, making sure it has a sustainability element
  2. Name your file with firstname_surname_age
  3. Email your completed game to
  4. Click here to complete the online registration form.

Competition Dates:

  • Monday 19 September 9amAEST – Competition Opens
  • Monday 21 November 4pmAEST – ‘GAME ON – game design’ competition entries close – all Kodu entries must be emailed by this date and open software entries posted and received by us by this date.

Conditions of Entry:

All competitors need to be students of a school between kindergarten to year 12 to enter.


X-Box Kinect bundle or a Lenovo Idea Pad for top 2 entries, and all other entries will go into a draw to win software.

* Full terms and conditions

* Complete your entry form

  1. Harry you left out the eat cake bit

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