WHEN2050 Exhibition

images from the event.

Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre (MacICT) invites you to interact in a 3D virtual world exhibition of students’ visions for sustainable architecture.

The 3dedrats festival opens on 6th October with the WHEN2050 exhibition which is part of the Sydney Architecture Festival held at Sydney College of the Arts. Interact with innovative 3D artworks, walk or fly through the students’ virtual world using Microsoft Kinect and experience the intricate architectural designs in full 3D.

Students in Year 10 at Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design explored 3D virtual worlds to design and build sustainable 3D models of buildings for the year 2050. Some of the students will be available on 22 and 29 October to discuss their design processes.

The student designers, mentored by Professors Richard Goodwin and Russell Lowe, created works reflecting Australia’s contribution to the 12th International Architectural Exhibition in Venice, at the Venice Biennale 2010. These students investigated designs that address perceived needs for the future such as communication, energy, food, housing, recreation and transport.

The 3D virtual world environment provided shared in-world perspectives, design collaboration and the possibility to create simulations and scenarios that would otherwise be impossible.

For Paolo, in Year 10, it was a chance to explore the connections between art and science. “A Tale of Two Cities” was our theme, we interpreted it by making two separate buildings that create a balance between workspace and recreation space.’

MacICT is also offering virtual world training workshops for students and the public throughout October. Learn how to design your own avatar in a virtual environment. Check out the events page for more details.

See a sample of the work here…

See a walkthrough of the virtual world and listen to student reflections here…


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