WHEN2050 School Excursion

WHEN2050  is a world first 3D exhibition of student-created architectural designs in a 3D virtual world. A virtual world is a 3D computer environment in which users are represented on screen as avatars and can interact in real time with other users.

Students in Year 10 explored MacICT’s 3D virtual world to design and construct architectural prototypes for Australian cities that incorporate ideas such as sustainability, function and aesthetics. These students have explored designs that address perceived needs for the future such as communication, energy, food, housing, recreation and transport.

Schools should book early to bring students to this exhibit.

This excursion allows students to be immersed in this 3D exhibition and be inspired by other students’ achievements. Participants will:

• learn how to design a personalised avatar and build, explore and fly through this 3D immersive environment.

• view and interact with 3D images of buildings designed by Dulwich High School students

• hear how these students designed their buildings

• participate in a workshop to discover and explore new ways of thinking and designing using the latest technologies in 3D virtual worlds

Click on the dates below to register your students now.

Wednesday the 26th of October

Thursday the 27th of October

Friday the 28th of October


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