Inside the head of a gamer. What is happening when we play and design games?

There are some people who think playing and designing games is a waste of time. What do you think? Come along and listen to James Dalziel, a Professor of Learning Technology and Director of the Macquarie E-Learning Centre Of Excellence (MELCOE) at Macquarie University and Kate Highfield, an academic in the Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University tell you what is really going on. Have a whole lot of questions? Take the opportunity to ask these experts.

More about the presenters. . .

James Dalziel

Coming soon …

Kate Highfield

After teaching for over ten years Kate Highfield is now an academic in the Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University. Kate teaches in IEC’s birth to twelve and masters degrees, focussing on technology in home, school and prior to school contexts. Her current research interests investigate young children’s engagement with technology including: techno-toys, screen based games, creative play with technology and robotics in problem solving and play.

Kate has consulted on a range of websites and apps for children, including most recently assisting ABC Kids in the development of their websites and Playschool’s soon to be released ipad apps.


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