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Virtual Worlds Collaborative Design Challenge

Indie Developers at Game On!

Nine indie studios showcased their games at the Game On festival. Adults and children were able to play their games, ask questions and get tips ranging from making games to breaking into the video games industry.

Thank you so much to the following developers who came to Game On:

NnoooNecromancer, Visual Outbreak, Dinoroar, Bubble Gum Interactive, Alternator, Convict Interactive, Hedgegrove Enterprises and Blowfish Studios.

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A couple of the indie studios were still developing their games. We particularly loved this photo of a message from the makers of Necromancer, James and Brogan. The message reads,


We are James and Brogan.

We are both Game Development students from NSI

We have been up all night coding, so we may look a little tired.

We want to demonstrate the ins and outs of game development,

So we are improving the game right now!

Ask us questions about game programming, games or anything in particular.

We are happy to chat.

James and Brogan

Authentic learning in context – absolutely!

All the developers were so enthusiastic and willing to share their knowledge and not just showcase their games. It was great to see adults and kids so eager to take advantage of this opportunity. A great day was had by all.

GAME ON! Festival

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