3dedrats goes to SLEX

See images from the event.


Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre and DEHub/EduONE are teaming up at the SLEX Festival (Sustainable Living Expo Armidale) to provide the Armidale community with a selection of highly innovative activities design for students, teachers and families.

As part of the SLEX weekend participants will have the opportunity to play a game  on a mobile phone, taking the user through a number of questions to enable them to gather information about their surroundings. DEHub/EduONE have been given access to this game, and are amending it to be Armidale-centric for the purposes of the SLEX weekend, where entrants will be in the running to win an iPod Touch. The game will also be offered at SLEX as a paper-based game for those who would prefer a hard copy.

DEHub/EduONE will also use SLEX to showcase Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre Robotics program, developed to introduce and challenge students in the principles of basic computer programming using exciting new programmable floor robots. DEHub/EduONE will be holding a robot time-trial competition for school aged participants, divided into four age brackets, who will programme the robots through manoeuvres, for the chance to win a prize.

The “3dedrats festival” and this SLEX showcase will translate to an opportunity for DEHub/EduONE to promote the Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre Robotics program to educators, students and schools in our region, including the following competition opportunities for primary and high school students: “Game On” Game Design Competition on the 3dedrats website at http://3dedrates.wordpress.com/sydney-macquarie-university-game-on-competition. Entries close 21 November 2011; “So You Think Your Robot Can Dance” Competition on the 3dedrats website at https://3dedrats.wordpress.com/sydney-macquarie-university-robot-dance-competition. Entries close 2 December 2011.

Each night of the SLEX weekend, there will be a fantastic lighting display in the East mall, where a pacman-style rat maze game will be projected onto the building across the mall from the Imperial Hotel, and the MacICT’s 3dedrats logo will be projected throughout the east mall in a gobo style lighting event with images cast onto the surrounding buildings, ground and rooftops. To enhance the experience, at the same time as the lighting display, the general public can go online and play the projected game. The Online Game address and further information regarding the When 2050 Exhibition and Robotics Program initiatives will be available from the friendly staff at the DEHub/EduOne Stand at the SLEX event.


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