3dedrats events – Play with robots, games and virtual worlds in Sydney

GAME: Events

DEBATE: The Politics of Play

A public debate on video game culture, classification and controversy.  Join key speakers from the industry. Read more…

THEORYCRAFT: A video games conference

Join us for a video games conference featuring keynote speakers and internationally esteemed games studies scholars Espen Aarseth and Ian Bogost. Read more…

GAME ON: Festival

Join us for a festival celebrating video game culture.   Big and little kids are welcome to design & play games and participate in a  live action Zombie game. Read more…

LEVEL UP: Game Design Boot Camp

Attend a game design boot camp and learn how to design a 5 star game. Read more…




Bring your robot to Macquarie University on the 25th October and be part of a Guinness Book of World Records attempt.  Everyone is invited! Read more…


Book in to our exciting workshops on the 25th of October to learn about and play with robots of all shapes and sizes.  Read more…

WHEN2050: Events

WHEN2050: Exhbition

MacICT invites you to become immersed in an interactive virtual worlds exhibition of students’ visions for sustainable architecture. Read more…

WHEN2050: School Excursion

Visit the exhibition and become inspired by other student’s achievements and learn how to create your own virtual world at our workshop. Read more…

Sustainable Living Expo Armidale

3dedrats goes to SLEX

MacICT is excited to be able to share our special 3dedrats events with the SLEX community.  Read more…


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