Want to work in the Video Game Industry? Become a Game Tester!

Despite our 3dedrats month long October event drawing to a close, the MacICT game design team is still very busy. We have extended our Level Up! Game Design bootcamps and they are now running throughout November and early December. The team have also begun research and development on new projects so, say tuned for more information about these. Arising out of our Game On festival, we have entered into a collaboration with the indie studio, Bubble Gum Interactive to give students we work with, an opportunity to be a play tester on a real game and impact it’s development. Data from this collaboration will be shared and MacICT will use the data to improve the activities and opportunities we provide students within the Game2Design projects and workshops.

In addition to providing an authentic context for learning through our workshops and projects, one of our aims is to highlight the career opportunities in the video game industry. Through our collaboration with Bubble Gum Interactive, we are able to offer students an authentic opportunity to be a play tester for a real game, Little Space Heroes. While there are opportunities around for people to be play testers, through this collaboration, we can provide scaffolding and support to help make this experience more constructive. Little Space Heroes provides a safe, moderated environment primarily for children aged between 6 and 12 years. Having access to the type of feedback provided by students will enable the our team to design more effective experiences within our workshops and projects. If you are interested in being a play tester find out how on MacICT’s Innovative Teaching blog.


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