Sept/Oct – WRITE ON: backstory writing competition

Enter the competition to write the backstory and design the game that will change the future of our beautiful planet and win prizes. The 3dedrats have sent clones back in time to save the world. In their timeline the world is dying. We have destroyed it. Be the one to design a game that changes the way people think about the environment forever. The world needs a hero like you.

WIN: Mystery Prize to be announced with the winning entries

Choose a current environmental issue and continue the story of the 3dedrats in their mission to averting the possible future. Think about how the story could be translated into a game. Have clear description of the setting and the issue you have chosen. What is the challenge and how will the hero (player) in your story overcome this challenge.

How to enter: post your story in the comments below and make sure you tick the box for email notifications to read other stories and to be alerted when to vote & whether you’ve won.

The competition closes on 12th September 2011.  On this date you’ll be able to vote for your favourite.


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