28 Oct – THEORYCRAFT: A video games conference

A video games conference featuring keynote speakers and internationally-esteemed game studies scholars Espen Aarseth and Ian Bogost who will be joined by leading Australian gaming and media academics. Representatives from political and social policy groups will also present.

The academic study of videogames is a relatively recent endeavour. With origins in arts and humanities, computer science and social science, the inter-disciplinary nature of the object of study has led to famous cross-departmental debates. More recently, diverse and collaborative approaches to videogames as texts, technologies, game systems and social practices have emerged. Theorycraft is a one-day conference keynoted by Associate Professor Ian Bogost (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Professor Espen Aarseth (Centre for Computer Games Research, IT University of Copenhagen) to present cutting-edge research into videogames and gaming culture. The day will conclude with a panel discussion of leading academics from different backgrounds to examine and engage with the inter- disciplinary nature of game studies.

Keynotes: Ian Bogost, Espen Aarseth

When: 28th October

Venue: Interactive Media Institute

Price:  $120 (academic) $50 (student)

Audience: Academics, Industry, University & High School Students

Registration: open soon

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