Did you know gamers can save the world?

According to Jane McGonigal gamers have 4 super powers – so cool! These powers make it easy for us to save the world for real just as we already do in games like WoW!

Did you know that gamer super powers include:

1. Extreme self motivation. We always believe an epic win is possible.
2. We like people better after we play a game with them – even if we loose!
3. When we play games, we are happy working hard than when we are relaxing or hanging out.
4. We love to be involved in awe inspiring missions that give us epic meaning.

All this adds up to gamers being super empowered, hopeful individuals who can go on to save the world for real.

All I can say is, ‘GAME ON’!

Coming soon:

GAME On: Design
A game design competition – with awesome prizes! Keep checking this space.

GAME Debate: The Politics of Play
A public debate on video game culture, classification and controversy.
When: Thursday 6:00pm, 27th October.
Where: Building Y3a, Macquarie University

GAME Conference: Theorycraft
Keynotes by Espen Aarseth and Ian Bogost. A Pecha Kucha lunchtime session with presentations by K – 12 students from NSW schools.
Full agenda coming soon.
When: Friday 28th October.
Where: Building Y3A, Macquarie University

GAME On: Festival
A ‘Games’ festival day celebrating all things to do with video games! Everyone is welcome to join us for competitions, challenges, workshops, expert talks and plenty more fun.
When: Saturday, 29th October
Where: Macquarie University

In the meantime subscribe to the blog by clicking on the ‘email subscription’ link on the right hand side of the blog. We will keep you up to date with developments on this exciting project.

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